About us

Our company


FullOceans is a French manufacturer designing and selling online navigation aid equipment for a worldwide market and is specialized in navigation aid marker buoys.

FullOceans integrates the latest R&D innovations and manufacturing technologies in order to produce safe and qualitative products with a great value for value for money. All our buoys are manufactured in France.

We are committed to invest in the best engineering and industrial manufacturing solutions to reduce the costs of our buoys while maintaining the quality and performance required by the market of floating navigation aid.

Durable and reliable, our range of buoys is the perfect solution to meet the needs of standard maritime, coastal, offshore and river projects.




Our advantages in few words

  •          Latest Design for an Improved Stability
  •          High Quality Manufacturing
  •          Reliable UV Stabilized Polyethylene
  •          Wide Range of Top Mark sand Lanterns
  •          Cost Effective Mooring Solutions
  •          Environmentally Friendly
  •          Easy and Limited Maintenance
  •          Low Prices



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Our policy

We provide the best navigation aid buoys for 80% of the market needs with the lowest prices.

L. Mazzuca, President

Safety, performance and costs are our top priority in the design of our products for an easy use and maintenance. Our low cost policy is made possible thanks to several factors:

  •          Optimized design
  •          Sourcing of the best partners and suppliers
  •          Optimized manufacturing methods and costs
  •          Direct online business model
  •          Low margins