Conical truncated marker buoy - foamed

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The FullOceans beach marker buoys are adapted to beaches, lakes, small ports and costal areas. These smaller buoys are manufactured with the same level of quality as larger buoys. All buoys are rotomolded with UV resistant polyethylene, and can be foamed with polyurethane. A mooring kit is also available to extend the life expectancy of the buoys.

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  • 600mm
  • 800mm
  • No
  • Yes
  • None
  • Radar reflector
  • St Andrew Cross
  • St Andrew Cross with lantern support

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Quality rotomolded with UV resistant polyethylene

Foamed with 40kg/m3 polyurethane

2 models with diameters of 600 or 800mm

Conical truncated buoys can receive a Carmanah M550 or M650H marine lantern. The marine lanterns can be mounted on a radar reflector or a St Andrew Cross

2 inserts for dia. 600mm buoy (M550 or RR+M550 or St Andrew Cross or St Andrew Cross + M550) / 3 inserts for dia. 800mm buoy (M650H or RR+M550 or RR+M650H or St Andrew Cross or St Andrew Cross + M550 or M650H)

Available in yellow (other colors on request)


Mooring kit including adapted shackle (ND16mm for dia. 600 and 800)

Conical troncated buoy